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I broke up with my gym for the day

It does not matter what season it is there is always an excuse we make for ourselves to not workout. Sometimes you have guests in town, children, work, traveling or maybe you would rather go to the beach or pool to soak in the sun. If you live where it is cold  for what seems like forever the moment summer weather hits you bail on things like your workout. Maybe it is too much effort to get in your car to get in that workout or maybe you are pressed for time. Whatever is in your pocket of excuses to get to the gym, you can make time at home, hotel or even the beach to get a workout in. 

Being a busy mom I enjoy doing a good HIIT(high intensity interval training) workout at home. That is not all I love. Sprints are a great way to kick your butt in a short period of time. If I am being honest hill sprints are my favorite! Some of my favorite pieces of equipment I have around my house are resistance bands, weighted vests, dumbbells, foam roller and straps for stretching. I believe in working my body hard and taking care of it with proper recovery. The beauty of a quick workout at home is you can set aside 20, 30 or 45 minutes to go all in on your workout, and you did not even have to leave your house to do it. 

Now that you know you know you can ditch the gym and still get a workout in it is always best to make a plan and be accountable to getting that workout in. One way for you to stay accountable is to have a buddy that you check in with. Maybe you enjoy sending a selfie of the workout you just crushed. Then there is always a personal trainer that you can check in with that can help you stay on target when you are not training with them. Then we have good old technology. For you app people out there you may love tracking your progress this way, we have an app called achievement app that helps guild you through all of your hard work.

Whatever your goals are with getting your workout don’t be afraid to ditch your gym and embrace your on the go lifestyle.


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