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Life on the go does have time for coffee breaks

How many of you live your life on the go? I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. My day starts and I am off. I live life on the go, and I have plenty on my plate from being a mom of a fifteen year old high schooler, my own school work, as well as working in the fitness industry. I believe in finding balance in the chaos of my day. Not everyone has the perfect schedule with being able to wake up when they feel like it, and then spend time in the gym and drink coffee all morning. Well ok maybe I do spend a lot of time in the gym, but I am probably teaching, and if I am at coffee I am probably working. The on the go lifestyle is one I live and work on finding balance in. I find time to prepare and plan my days with everything from my workouts, food and when I will be able to work on school and business. Now this has not always come easy for me. You have to ask yourself what is important and then make time in your schedule for those things. I have recently done this and I have cleared my schedule of things that were not helping me get what I wanted out of my day. Since then I have been able to focus on getting a workout in no matter where I am, doing my school work, fulfilling my mommy duties, and having my food in check. I am not saying I have prepared six perfect meals for my day, but I have planned how I will get my meals. Living life on the go is not about perfection it is about living life in a way that you feel happy and accomplished.

Evaluate your day with these questions:

1. Does it bring me closer to my goal?

2. Am I wasting my time on things that do not matter?

3. Am I working on living my best healthy happy life?

I ask myself these questions and by doing this I continue to find ways to be happy in what I accomplish each day.

Sabrina J.

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