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Life on The Go

My passion for fitness and wellness started at a young age. I started my journey in ballet, and loved being able to challenge my body through movement. After having my daughter I found myself doing many of my workouts from home because it fit so well with my mom duties. So naturally I found my way into the fitness industry, where I have been over the last fourteen years. Over the years I have taught zumba, spin, barre, aqua, group classes, bootcamps, and one on one sessions with clients of all kinds, and I also hold a Masters degree in marketing. I have been able to work in boutique studios, gyms, private homes and corporate fitness organizations for places like Johnson and Johnson. Most recently I have expanded to servicing clients in a virtual setting, allowing them to never miss a workout no matter their location. Through all of this I have enjoyed finding the balance of incorporating fitness, life with my daughter and my life on the go. I want to help others find ways to bring fitness into their daily routine, and to bring wellness into their life on the go. SJ  

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